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Having been born and raised in the west, Alizar struggled in her transition into modest wear. traditional Abayas and jilbabs were not items she was exposed to growing up while dresses felt too preppy. She was all about that street style - particularly Japanese streetwear. She loved how eclectic yet stylish it could be all the while modest depending on how you layered it.

So she began sketching away different ideas for outfits that she wished to create. However, with each outfit she produced, she always noted that she would make it hijab-friendly by drawing a body suit that had the under cap attached underneath each outfit. Then it dawned on her, ‘Why does such a thing not exist?’ She recalled all the times she would pin her under cap to her turtle neck when trying new styles. She remembered how annoying it was when the fabrics differed and the colores didn’t quite match. She remembered how frustrating it was packing for a trip and having to coordinate multiple items only to forget one of them. 


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