Salaam and welcome to Ruuq!



My name is Alizar and I’m the founder and CEO here at Ruuq. 

Writing that feels so strange to me. I never imagined that I would someday start my own business, much less a clothing brand. Yet it was a need that lead me down this journey and I am grateful for the opportunity to share my story with you.

Ruuq began as a passion project. As a Muslim revert born and raised in the west, I struggled throughout my transition into modestwear. Traditional hijabs, abayas and jilbabs were not items that I was exposed to growing up.

In fact, I was always about that street style - particularly Japanese streetwear. I loved how eclectic yet stylish it could be, all the while modest depending on how you layered it.

After deciding to dawn the hijab, I did my best to merge the two worlds with varying degrees of success. It was difficult to find a brand that fit my personal style. I would often sketch outfit ideas just for fun wishing I had enough skills to create them in real life. However, the more I sketched, the more I started to notice a recurring garment in my designs. Each outfit was layered over a hijab bodysuit that looked like a turtleneck with the under cap attached.

Then it dawned on me, ‘Why does such a thing not exist!?’ 

I recalled all the times I would pin my under cap to my turtle neck when trying new styles. 

I remembered how annoying it was when the fabrics differed and the colors didn’t quite match.

Packing for a trip and having to coordinate multiple items only to forget one of them, was very super frustrating! 

I mean, life is complicated enough and getting dressed shouldn’t be.


I recognized the challenges facing the modestly dressed. That’s why I created the first product of it's kind - the Ruuq Hijab Bodysuit (HB).


  1. With its high turtle neck flowing into the head piece, you no longer have to worry about your scarf shifting around throughout the day or in any situation.
  2. The polyester/spandex blend is soft to the touch and conforms to any shape without feeling restricted.
  3. The snap buttons have been placed towards the front of the garment making them easier to access while preventing the suit from rolling up.


I designed the Ruuq HB to remove the guess work out of piecing together any outfit.


The Ruuq HB Collections come in Long Sleeve and Sleeveless across a common range of colours and sizes.


You wont believe how much time, money and headache it will save you. 


I can't wait for you to try it yourself!


Your sis,


Alizar Tawil


Woman on phone wearing Ruuq hijab bodysuit