Ruuq Hijab Bodysuit Sleeveless

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The Ruuq Bodysuit is the worlds first hijab bodysuit. Our Sleeveless cut will give you the freedom to try new styles with confidence while keeping the layers down to a minimum. When you try the Ruuq HB you will understand exactly why so many women call it a must have! Our hijab bodysuit is purposely designed to make any outfit instantly modest, giving you more styling options than you could ever imagine. The polyester/spandex blend is soft to the touch and conforms to any shape without feeling restricted. ⁠It promises to bring comfort, functionality, and style to your modest wardrobe. It is an essential part of your modest wardrobe and the best part is you know exactly where to find it!⁠

Customer Reviews

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So convenient!

The sleeveless bodysuit is a must have!! It is so convenient and makes me feel so confident because I can move freely without worrying that my neck shows. I thought that the bodysuit would not be convenient for making wudhu, but I was mistaken! It is super easy to take the head part off and put it back on or just stick my hands under it. I totally recommend the bodysuit!

So convenient and comfortable!

Got this so that I could wear less layers, and it really is comfortable, the fabric is smooth and doesn't itch or tug, and the headcap piece stays on perfect!

Life changing

These bodysuits leveled up my wardrobe by over 9000.

This makes getting ready so much faster, with the added benefits of knowing everything I need to keep covered is staying covered. I also appreciate how sturdy the snaps are. They are NOT coming undone!!! And even better, I don't have to reach back a million miles to snap them in.

10/10 will purchase again

Nasywaa Abidin
Helpful 😊

I wear a jilbab almost daily and it helps with neck and head coverage. The jilbab still slips sometimes, but it’s not too annoying.