Our story starts in Amman, Jordan with our Founder and CEO Alizar Tawil.

One day she was shopping online for hijabs and realized that the type of hijab she was looking for didn't exist.

She was looking for a hijab that could be used with any article of clothing in her modest wardrobe, while allowing her to express her individual style through her modesty.

When she began to draw out the original design of the hijab she wanted, it always seem to incorporate a hijab being connected to some sort of bodysuit.

She took hijab bodysuit literally and put the two together so that you'll never have to dread matching again or worry about unexpected hair and neck exposure.



With that the Ruuq Hijab Bodysuit (HB) was born!

You see at Ruuq we understood that getting dressed for many types of occasions can be quite challenging and very time consuming.

Whether it be a full day at work, a session at the gym, a night out with friends, or a playful day at home with the kids

 Each outfit has its routine.

Even when you have matched the perfect outfit for an occasion, you still have to worry about hair clips, accessories, exposure, and the occasional 'HURRY UP!'

We know all this because...

A) Our Founder and CEO is someone who wears the hijab herself

B) We reached out to countless woman over several months gathering important feedback and suggestions in an effort to perfect the design. 

She went back to the drawing board and ensured that we designed a hijab bodysuit that solved everyones problems.

We made sure the Ruuq HB replaces the need for an underscarf, Amira hijab, and turtleneck.

Many women expressed concerns about very painful head and neck pressure.

Some undercaps apply so much pressure on your head that they cause headaches and even worse hair loss. 

For this reason, we made sure our headpiece is wonderfully contoured to your neck, face, and head, all while ensuring your hair is comfortably stable. 

We even chose a material that is soft on the most sensitive skin and breathable in the hottest conditions.

Our Ruuq Hijab Bodysuit Collections come in Long Sleeve and Sleeveles across a common range of colours and sizes.

We can't wait to save you time, money and headaches.

We know how important the Ruuq HB is to the modest wardrobe and we had to share it with you and the world!

Welcome to Ruuq!