The greatest of myths is that you cannot flaunt the look of your choice wearing a hijab. Some may have the notion that the hijab restricts your fashion goals and that you might get deprived of enjoyment.

Ladies, let’s break that chain! We Hijabis know how to wear our Hijab confidently with no matter what the style.

The dress code you follow is modest after all. Then why you should stay in bed just because you think you can’t pull off a look with hijab? 

To make this less nerve-racking and more thrilling for all our Hijabi sister, let us introduce you to the art of layering.

Layering something means superimposition or overlapping of different pieces of clothes to get a perfectly balanced look. And did we mention that layering can help you get the utmost coverage while slaying the outfit of your choice.

Here’s how you can flaunt any layered look like a pro! 


Fall Outfits

 fall hijab style girl

Jacket season is finally upon us! A simple turtleneck under an oversized jacket can be all you need this fall. Pairing it with some denim and long boots will drive this look home. Finally, add some statement jewelry pieces for a more personal touch.

girl in hijab bodysuit with necklace

Hijab bodysuits such as the Ruuq HB Sleeveless, make the perfect base for such outfits. You will never have to worry about matching you top to your underscarf or having your hijab shift around throughout your day.

Oversized T-Shirts 

 hijab girls street style

Who knew street and hijab could go so well together?

Open your wardrobe and take those oversized graphic tees that you haven’t worn for ages due to half sleeves. Go for a coherent color scheme by pairing a patterned T-shirt with a plain white shirt to create a well-synchronized look. Pair them with cargo pants, denim or a skirt and layer them with a chiffon hijab. Style them with a cross bag, a layered necklace, or some vintage rings. 

Flaunt that Maxi

 hijab girl maxi dress

Maxi dresses are staple items in the hijab wardrobe. Dress it up or dress it down, they are versatile and easy to layer. No sleeves? No problem! Get yourself a long-sleeved undershirt, Ruuq HB Long sleeves, or a blazer, throw a scarf over it and you are good to go! 

Get That Perfect Office Look


Ladies, Hijab is not the criteria for gauging your capabilities for a particular job, so why should it limit you from going to the office?

Get your outfit in perfect order pair with that confidence and be the symbol of elegance at your workplace. A simple white dress shirt looks super classy with a long dress coat over. Pair it with some dress pants or leggings, some high heels and a sophisticated shoulder bag to complete your look. 

Evening Dresses


 hijab girl evening dress

Very few outfits feel more feminine that the evening dress, especially the modest dress.

One of the greatest challenges is finding a dress that will provide you with the coverage that you need. That is why inner garments such as long-sleeved shirts and hijab bodysuits are so critical in bringing the look together. Light and nude-colored hijab will bring out elegance while darker hijabs are bound to make a statement. Complete the look with an intricate hijab wrap or tie it up in a turban. 

Layering outfits is an art that you can master with a bit of know-how and of course, confidence.

سبتمبر 26, 2021 — Azka Manzoor

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